For the well-being of women


JunoFem exists to help women on their journey to pelvic floor health. This will have a major impact on resolving symptoms of urinary incontinence.

One in three women suffer from incontinence, the majority of which can be resolved with correct and regular pelvic floor muscle exercise.

JunoFem’s approach is founded on technology from the Auckland Bioengineering Institute, University of Auckland, and is supported by international clinical studies.


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Jennifer Kruger (PhD) is passionate about women’s health and using scientific rigour to inform clinical practice and health strategies. Jennifer is a Principal Investigator at the Auckland Bio­engineering Institute, University of Auckland. She is inter­nationally eminent in pelvic floor health research with over 30 publications in peer reviewed international journals and is on the Scientific Committee for the Inter­national Continence Society. Jennifer will ensure that JunoFem’s technology is based on strong scientific evidence.

Dr Jackie Smalldrige is a consultant uro­gynae­co­logist. Jackie’s areas of expertise is in the manage­ment of urinary inconti­nence, prolapse, uro­dynamics and general gynae­cology. She brings a wealth of experience of the sharp-end of treating urinary incontinence and a long term commitment to improving pelvic floor health in women. Jackie’s common sense approach ensures that JunoFem’s technology focuses clearly on delivering an improved clinical outcome.

Kent Lee has been leading the commercial­isation strategy for taking JunoFem technology through from scientific discovery to helping women manage their pelvic floor health. He has been instrumental is raising the capital to advance the opportunity to reach the market. Kent, through his UniServices connections, has access to a diverse array of commercial­isation experience and expertise. He is also co-ordinating the intellectual property portfolio.